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Blue & Gold Trust Official Website

Recent additions
Coronavirus lockdown 2020
All drop down menues updated and site consistant throughout.
Updated History of KLFC - seems 1879 should not be under the KLTFC badge.
Archive re-introduced.
PPG added to goal statistics page
Site History & Basic Information
One claim to fame for this site is that it was the first representation of King's Lynn Football Club on the internet.
The site came into being with the url of http://ds.dial.pipex.com/town/avenue/rce00 in June 1997.
It even got a mention in the local paper on 27 June 1997.
The site had no official connection to the club but was just a respresentation for fans.
It was not until June 2000 that the somewhat simpler domain of http://www.thelinnets.co.uk was adopted.

The site enjoyed a brief couple of years as the "official site of King's Lynn Football Club" before the club was liquidated in December 2009.
With a new football club and new official website being created in the spring of 2010 this site was merged with that of the Blue & Gold Supporters' Trust, the Trust sponsoring the site (in name only) and thus www.thelinnets.co.uk becoming the "official website" of the Trust.

In November 2006 the site recorded its record number of hits 5,136,949 with 359,954 of these taking place on 14th November.
This was, no doubt, a result of Lynn's FA Cup run which culminated in the televised match against Oldham Athletic which took place on 1st December 2006.
Hits & Visits - Definitions
Occasionally mention is made of how many hits or visits the site receives. Unfortunately there is no easy way of measuring this.
A large building could hold hundreds of employees yet, as far as a website is concerned, they all have the same IP address and could be treated as one visitor.
Equally one person who accesses the site from work and then home would appear as two IP addresses.
The following define the terms as far as www.thelinnets.co.uk is concerned.
Hits: Any request made to the server which is logged, is considered a 'hit'. The requests can be for anything... html pages, graphic images, audio files, CGI scripts, etc... Each valid line in the server log is counted as a hit. This number represents the total number of requests that were made to the server during the specified report period.
Visits: Whenever a request is made to the server from a given IP address (site), the amount of time since a previous request by the address is calculated (if any). If the time difference is greater than a pre-configured 'visit timeout' value (or has never made a request before), it is considered a 'new visit', and this total is incremented (both for the site, and the IP address). If a user visits the site at 1:00 in the afternoon, and then returns at 3:00, two visits would be registered.