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The Linnets' Lotto is your chance to try your luck whilst at the same time supporting the Trust.
Monies generated by this lottery will enhance the Trust's financial standing, and strengthen its efforts to achieve its long term aims.
Month£80£ 40£ 20
1711086 Mr J Davis1130 Mr J Bell1027 Mr L Castleton
1701065 Mr K Holland1130 Mr J Bell1082 Mr R Clayton
1691098 Mr R Hearne1136 Mr N Kerrison1077 Mr N Link
1681045 Mr J Turtle1053 Mr R Britton1025 Ms K Flanagen
1671088 Mr P Langley1139 Mr W Etherington1025 Ms K Flanagen
1661115 Mr P Lucas1111 Mr J Law1091 Mr T Smith
1651167 Mr I Coleman1116 Mr J Paris1184 Mr M Lane
1641121 Mr R MacDonald1162 Mr D Cawston1196 Mr A Hollingsworth
1631167 Mr I Coleman1174 Mrs A O'Connell1075 Mrs D Rose
1621085 Mr J Davis1013 Mrs S Goodwin1026 Ms K Flanagan
1611107 Mrs K Etheridge1021 Mr L Candlish1162 Mr D Cawston
1601043 Mr J Turtle 1047 Mrs M Elflett1052 Mr J Johnson
1591109 Mrs E Gamble1139 Mr W Etherington1012 Mr R Britton
1581033 Mrs A Sherring1025 Mrs K Flanagan1198 Mr A Hollingsworth
1571081 Mr N Link1100 Mr R Hearn1055 Mr J Featherby
1561159 Mr D Cawston1154 Mrs M Gamble1121 Mr R Macdonald
1551027 Mr L Castleton1097 Mr M Lane1057 Mr R Collins
1541040 Mr A Lovell1030 Mrs A Sherring1048 Mr R Hearne
£100£ 50£ 25
1531023 Mr L Candlish1017 Mrs L Candlish1149 Mr J Davis
1521106 Mrs K Etheridge1149 Mr J Davis1059 Mr R Collins
1511073 Mr M Rose1142 Mr W Etherington1097 Mr M Lane
1501135 Mr N Kerrison1057 Mr R CollinsMr L Candlish
1491000 Mr S Desay1019 Mrs L Candelish1069 Mr K Holland
1481135 Mr N Kerrison1149 Mr J Davis1182 Mr M Lane
1471083 Mr R Clayton 1151 Mr J Davis1102 Mr R Hearne
1461026 Ms K Flanagan 1118 Mr J Paris1141 Mr W Etherington
1451151 Mr J Davis1166 Mr I Coleman1199 Mr A Hollingsworth
1441016 Mr J Gamble1091 Mr T Smith1116 Mr J Paris
1431014 Mr R Britton1015 Mrs L Candlish1175 Mr J O'Connell
1421099 Mr R Hearne1041 Mr J Featherby1028 Mr L Castleton
1411001 Mr K Roffey1039 Mr A Lovell1081 Mr N Link
1401067 Mr K Holland1126 Mr R Grainger 1070 Mr M Rose
1391086 Mr J Davis1064 Mr P Ellis 1023 Mr L Candlish
1381110 Mr J Filowiat1196 Mr A Hollingsworth 1062 Mr P Ellis
1371096 Mr M Lane1058 Mr R Collins 1103 Miss H Sherring
1361120 Mr J Paris1040 Mr A Lovell1082 Mr R Clayton
1351021 Mr L Candlish1146 Mr G Britton1078 Mr N Link
1341195 Mr A Hollingsworth1109 Mr E Gamble1125 Mr R Granger
1331018 Mrs L Candlish1121 Mr R Mcdonald1085 Mr J Davies
1321013 Mrs S Goodwin1040 Mr A Lovell1137 Mr N Kerrison
1311008 Mr J Gamble1037 Mr A Lovell1109 Mr E Gamble
1301137 Mr N Kerrison1028 Mr L Castleton 1043 Mr J Turtle
1291091 Mr T Smith1062 Mr P Ellis1127 Mr L Castleton
1281099 Mr R Hearne1007 Mr J Gamble1141 Mr W Etherington
1271155 Mrs M Gamble1030 Mrs A Sherring1037 Mr A Lovell
1261048 Mr C Reynolds1050 Miss R Britton1121 Mr R Macdonald
1251182 Mr M Lane1168 Mr I Coleman1060 Mrs T Chamberlain
1241116 Mr J Paris1127 Mr R Granger1058 Mr R Collins
1231099 Mr R Hearn1131 Mr J Bell1115 Mr P Lucas
1221073 Mr M Rose1145 Mr G Elflett1022 Mr L Candlish
1211102 Mr R Hearn1115 Mr P Lucas1076 Mrs S Rose
1201091 Mr T Smith1198 Mr A Hollingsworth1166 Mr I Coleman
1191027 Mr L Castleton1185 Mr M Lane1099 Mr R Hearn
1181041 J Featherby 1120 S Granger 1177 K Rout
1171107 K Etheridge 1005 J Gamble 1095 Matt Lane
1161154 T Leake1179 K Rout1111 J Law
115E GambleJ TurtleL Castleton
114M RoseJ FilowattL Castleton
113N KerrisonJ BellP Langley
112K RoutA ElflettM Lane
111S GrangerJ H BellP D Ellis
110R CollinsA LovellW Etherington
109I ColemanC ElflettL Candlish
108J TurtleT LeakeI Coleman
107L CandlishM LaneJ Turtle
106N KerrisonB BrittonA Sherring
105K RoutT LeakeR Granger
104R GrangerP EllisJ Filowiat
103D WrightL CandlishJ Turtle
102H SherringL CandlishE Jordan
101J M DavisJ M JohnsonR V Granger
100P EllisN KerrisonM Lane
99K RoutS & Y GrangerR Clayton
98K RoutR GraingerJ Gamble
97R CollinsL Candlish E Jordan
96M LaneT ScottM Lane
95A SheeringK HollandC Reynolds
94C ReynoldsD MellorL Candlish
93K HollandA HollingsworthJ Featherby
92L CandlishJ FeatherbyP Kavanagh
91D MellorM RoseM Lane
90D CawstonN KerrisonA Hollingsworth
89D CawstonMrs A SherringR Collins
88Mrs A SherringMrs L CandlishS Watling
87R BrittonT ChamberlainR Clayton
86J JohnsonR GrangerA Lovell
85J FeatherbyK FlanaganM Lane
84R GrangerE GambleMr L Candlish
83W EtheringtonT LeakeMrs L Candlish
82A HollingsworthJ GambleJ Davis
81M RoseD CawstonR Clayton
80W EtheringtonK FlanaganO Gamble
79E Jordan W EtheringtonI Coleman
78P LangleyM LaneI Coleman
77M BradleyW EtheringtonA Hollingsworth
76Mr & Mrs S GrangerM LaneJ Yallop
75K RoffeyR CollinsA Sherring
74D MellorN KerrisonR Clayton
73N LinkMrs L CandlishRay Granger
72D CawstonP LucasMrs L Candlish
71R ClaytonA LovellP Lucas
70Mrs A SherringJulian FeatherbyRuth Britton
69R GrangerA LovellSam Barber
68Kathleen FlanaganMr J H BellMarcus Rose
67Mrs E JordanMatt LaneMr T Scott
66J H BellR GrangerJ Youngman
65I ColemanJ GambleJ Youngman
64J TurtleD CawstonN Link
63Len CandlishLindsey CandlishMarcus Rose
62A HollingsworthJulian GambleNigel Kerrison
61A HollingsworthK HollandJ Davis
60M LaneW EtheringtonS R Granger
59J YoungmanW EtheringtonM Gamble
58D MellorN LinkP Kavanagh
57K SherringK HollandM Bradley
56L Davila-MartinezK RoutG Britton
55G BrittonN LinkD Mellor
54T Leake Mr & Mrs S R GrangerC Reynolds
53L Candlish W EtheringtonH Sherring
52D Cawston A C ElflettA Lovell
51A Hollingsworth M RoseD Cawston
50S R Granger T SmithA Farr
49 L Doherty M LaneT Leek
48D BarnesA FarrD Mellor
47N LinkM LaneK Holland
46W EtheringtonE JordanL Davila-Martinez
45P EllisD CawstonJ Youngman
44L Davila-MartinezS R GrangerD Mellor
43M LaneM BradleyL Candlish
42J TurtleA ElflettI Coleman
41A SherringL CandlishR Granger
40E JordanJ DavisL Candlish
39H SherringR GrangerA Lovell
38L Candlish N Link M Bradle
37S Ward N Link K Rout
36N Link K Rout L Candlish
35D Elkroyd A Lovell I Coleman
34K Holland A Sherring R Collins
33A Sherring P Langley J Gamble
32S Goodcliff L Candlish M Bradley
31M Lane J Backham S Grainger
30J Featherby S Watling N Link
29K Flanagan J Bell S Rose
28A Lovell M Lane J Davis
27Y & S Granger E Jordan A Elflett
26K Sherring K Rout T Leake
25R Granger A Sherring J Youngman
24S Barber Y & S Granger A Sherring
23W Kercher R Collins E Jordan
22S Granger C Reynolds L Candlish
21J Bell J Turtle N Link
20N Link E Jordan D Mellor
19C Reynolds N Link B Britton
18J M Davies K Holland E Jordan
17N Timms A Hodgson A Hodgson
16 A Hollingsworth Y. & S. Granger S. Goodcliffe
15 L Candlish R V Granger W Etherington
14 J Filowiat E Jordan S Granger
13 N Arminger J Turtle R Green
12 N Timms A HodgsonM Rose
11 M Bradley C PearceS Ward
10 K Holland D BarnesK Sherring
9 S Watling M RoseM Lane
8 D Wright R ClaytonN Link
7 R Granger L CandlishJ Youngman
6 J Davis L CaltonJ Gamble
5 K Holland J TurtleS Rose
4 A Sherring I ColemanK Roffey
3P Ellis N Barrett R C Britton
2L Candlish S Rose E Gamble
1N. Barrett B. Paton M. Lane